PIET NAGEL bv Construction Management & Advice

About us PIET NAGEL bv Construction Management & Advice was founded in 2009 by Mr. Piet Nagel. He worked from 1989 until the end of 2008 at TRIPLAN consulting engineers in Hilversum. In recent years as director owner. TRIPLAN has been sold to BAM Advies & Engineering in Bunnik. After that, Mr. Piet Nagel continued with his construction management bureau.

Because of the long-standing relationship with the media in Hilversum, it is not surprising that mainly in the media sector.

On this site, however, it can also be seen that various other projects outside this sector are also being carried out.

We work in varying combinations of teams depending on the project size and customer demand.

It will always be tailor-made because every project is custom-made.

We are happy to assist you with advice and assistance.